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第1章 翻译概述


1. Considering its lack of training, our team has acquitted itself well.


2. He would be quite a likeable fellow if only he wouldn’t act the goat so much.


3. The management instituted a system of consultation with the staff so that any grievances might be aired.


4. We didn’t take his expression of interest in our ideas too seriously, for we suspected he was merely angling for praise.


5. He wouldn’t have done it of his own will, but he was argued into it by his wife.


6. Wherever she went she was attended on by a large number of followers and servants.


7. You never realize how fortunate you are to have good health until it is suddenly brought home to you by the sight of suffering.


8. The amount which is brought in by the rents of those few cottages is almost negligible when income tax and the cost of repairs are deducted.


9. He was strolling aimlessly along the street, when he was suddenly brought up by a notice in a shop window.


10. The magistrate brushed aside the suggestion that the policeman might have been mistaken about the speed at which the car was going.


11. His kidnappers threatened to bump him off if he did not tell them where the secret papers were hidden.


12. He burned his fingers badly, though we warned him against it. He lost nearly all his money he had invested.


13. He is the kind of person who will always butter up those who he thinks can be of any use to him.


14. Philip tried to get me interested in a scheme for producing a new synthetic fibre, but I wasn’t buying it.


15. It is time the nations of the world called a halt to the manufacture of nuclear weapons.


16. As soon as the proprietor’s attention was called to the dangerous state of the staircase, he promised to have it repaired.


17. After I had told my story, someone else capped it with one that set the table in a roar.


18. He will end in the bankruptcy court at the rate he is carrying on.


19. Roy, a college graduate, makes it his mission to save the endangered owls and begins to team up with a number of


20. My father and I have never seen eye to eye where business is concerned.


21. He always insisted that we know our jobs in the most minute detail, which is really a necessary basic characteristic of good divers.


22. He always looked into my eyes, and he never smiled. I was saturated with cold sweat.


23. A burgeoning economy with relatively low unemployment rates—at least in the 1960’s and early 1970’s—attenuated what could have been a continuing and bitter racial struggle for scarce jobs.


24. Piled on a table were departmental funding requests that amounted to more than half again as much as money would be available.


25. It is gratifying to discover the great interest which foreign leaders displayed in having the governor of an American state in their country.


26. My investments in that company can no longer be reckoned on as a source of income.


27. He allowed his abilities to run to seed.


28. There were a number of eminent personalities at the dinner, but the one who stole the limelight was ninety-year-old Mr. S., the only surviving founder-member of the society.


29. The address he had prepared would, no doubt, have proved effective and gained him applause, had not a previous speaker stolen his thunder.


30. Though a busy and successful novelist, he was willing to take up any promising young writer and give him all the help he could.


31. After dinner the two ladies retired to another room and left their husbands to talk shop.


32. New light may be thrown upon the cause of cancer by research that is now in progress.


33. Half the prize money he spent, and the rest was laid aside for a rainy day.


34. The Opposition speaker accused the British Government of leading the country up the garden path on the question of civil defence.


35. I shall have to pay the bill some time, so I may as well Day it now.


36. If we had brought out this product six months ago, we should probably have a large sale for it, but now we’ve missed the boat; our competitors have captured the market.


37. Smith is in for trouble now; he was nailed using a crib in the English examination.


38. The counterfeit banknotes were palmed off on the unsuspecting customers.


39. Tom complained that the teacher was always picking on him, while others who were equally to blame got off scot-free.


40. If you need to be put in the picture, ask Mr. Jackson; he’ll give you the facts of the case.


41. I was agreeably surprised by the address tonight. I had never thought much of Thompson as a public speaker, but he certainly rose to the occasion.


42. China’s entry into WTO and the awarding of the 2008 Summer Olympics to Beijing have caused many developers to push their way into the city’s property market.


43. My hat is off to these workers who have a high sense of the protection of ecology and environment.



1. 我家门前有些摆摊儿的,都是生意人。大凡生意人都懂得“一步差三市”的道理。就是说,别看你的店只和人家差了三步,但景气的程度要差了很多,许多人家的铺子红火热闹,你的铺子却开不了张。

【译文】In front of my house there are a few stalls run by street vendors. Street vendors all know the popular saying: “Locations make a difference in business.” That is to say, even if your stall stands side by side with someone else’s in the neighbourhood, your neighbour may attract a constant stream of shoppers, but yours, unfortunately, is visited by few.

2. 这一次,我去了许多新地方,看见了许多新朋友。(巴金《朋友》)

【译文】I visited many new places and met many new friends on my recent trip.

3. 过铁路时,他先将橘子散放在地上,自己慢慢爬下,再抱起橘子走。(朱自清《背影》)

【译文】In crossing the railway track, he first put the tangerines on the ground, climbed down slowly and then picked them up again.

4. 我不打麻将,我不经常听戏看电影,几年中难得一次,我不长时间看电视,通常只看半个小时,我也不串门子闲聊天。(梁实秋《时间即生命》)

【译文】I don’t play mahjong. I seldom go to the theatre or cinema—I go there maybe only once every few years. I seldom spend long hours watching TV—usually I watch TV for no more than 30 minutes at a sitting. Nor do I go visiting and gossiping from door to door.

5. 儿女渐渐长大起来,在朝夕相见的父母全不觉得,难得见面的远亲就相见不相识了。(丰子恺《渐》)

【译文】While parents living together with their children all the time never perceive their gradual growth, they may fail to recognize, however, a distant relative whom they have not seen for quite some time.

6. 饭后我跑到后园玫瑰树下去卧倒,园中飞着蜂子和蝴蝶,绿草的清凉的气味,这都和十年前一样。(萧红《祖父死了的时候》)

【译文】After lunch, I lay under the rose bush in the back garden where, like when mother died ten years before, bees and butterflies were flying and the air was filled with the refreshing scent of green grass.

7. 长城,东起山海关,西至嘉峪关,横跨中国北部七个省、自治区,全长六千多公里,号称万里长城,是中国古代劳动人民智慧的结晶,是世界伟大的建筑奇迹之一。

【译文】Starting at Shanhai Pass in the east and ending up at Jiayu Pass in the west, the Great Wall traverses, up and down, over numerous mountains and valleys in China’s five northern provinces and two autonomous regions. As it extends over a distance of more than 6,000 kms, it is called Wanlichangcheng in Chinese, which means “Ten Thousand Li Long Wall”. It is a symbol of intelligence of the working people in ancient times and also one of the great architectural wonders in the world.

8. 江南,秋当然也是有的;但草木凋得慢,空气来得润,天的颜色显得淡,并且又时常多雨而少风,一个人夹在苏州上海杭州,或厦门香港广州的市民中间,混混沌沌地过去,只能感到一点点清凉,秋的味,秋的色,秋的意境与姿态,总看不饱,尝不透,赏玩不到十足。(郁达夫《故都的秋》)

【译文】There is of course autumn in the South too, but over there plants wither slowly, the air is moist, the sky pallid, and it is more often rainy than windy. While muddling along all by myself among the urban dwellers of Suzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong or Guangzhou, I feel nothing but a little chill in the air, without ever relishing to my heart’s content the flavour, colour, mood and style of the season.

9. 乡镇工业园区己经成为我市乡镇企业“二次创业”的有效载体,极大地改善了企业的发展环境。目前已有3772家企业进驻园区。

【译文】Township industrial zones provide solid vehicles for the city’s enterprises in running new businesses and greatly improve the setting for the development of such entities. So far, 3,772 establishments have found home in these quarters.

10. 无锡是南方江苏省的一个小城,位于南京和上海之间。早在六千年前,就有一个原始部落在此定居。现在的无锡始建于公元前二世纪,当时在城西南的西山开采出了锡矿。锡矿发现后,人们就把这个地方称为“有锡”。天长日久,锡矿挖完了,“有锡”便改成了“无锡”。

【译文】Wuxi, located mid-way between Nanjing and Shanghai, is a medium-sized city in Jiangsu Province, East China. Inhabited as early as 6,000 years ago by a tribe, it developed into a city in the 2nd century B.C. The city was formerly called “youxi”, literally meaning “where there is tin” because, according to traditional account, tin was discovered in Xishan Hill, southwest of the city. After the tin had been mined out, the name of the city “youxi” gave way to “wuxi”, meaning “where there is no tin any more”.

11. “朋友之间,情趣相投、脾气对味则合、则交,反之,则离、则绝。朋友之间再熟悉、再亲密,也不能随便过头、不恭不敬,这样,默契和平衡将被打破,友好关系将不复存在”。

【译文】“For the relationship between friends, similar habits and tempers help to make it closer; on the other hand, opposite ones leave distance from each other. No matter how familiar and intimate the friends are, the relationship should be treated carefully and respect should be treasured for friends. Otherwise, the partnership and balance would be broken; as a result, a good relationship would no longer exist.”

12. 譬如说,当我们正在旅游胜地享受假期,却忽然接到老板的电话,告诉我们客户或工作方面出了麻烦——现代便捷工具在此刻显示出了它狰狞,阴郁的面容一搞得人一下子兴趣全无,接下来的休闲只能徒有其表,因为心里已是火烧火燎了。

【译文】For instance, while still vacationing at the resort, we receive a call from the boss of all a sudden, knowing that some troubles are with clients or the work. At this moment, the handy cell phone is exposed as an evil and dismal device more than a modern and advanced tool. The subsequent leisure is the mere showy as such a call has shadowed our leisure tour and made us restless with anxiety.

13. 病人摇了摇头,把手向婴儿伸去。医生把孩子放到她怀里。她吻了吻孩子的前额。

【译文】The patient shook her head and stretched out her hands towards the baby. The doctor put it in her arms. She kissed it on the forehead.

14. 正在热闹哄哄的时节,只见那后台里,又出来一位姑娘,年纪约十八九岁,装束与前一个毫无分别,瓜子脸儿,白净面皮,相貌不过中人以上之姿,只觉得秀而不媚,清而不寒。

【译文】Amidst the feverish bustling, there appeared on the stage another girl about eighteen or nineteen years old, dressed up just like the former. The shape of her face is like melon-seed. Her beauty was merely above the average but not coquettish, and a clarity of complexion but not coldness.

15. 我最初听到这个故事是在印度,那里的人们讲起来像真有其事似的,尽管任何一个博物学家都知道这个故事不可能是真的。后来我得知在第一次世界大战爆发前不久,有一家杂志也刊登过这个故事的一个版本。至于这个故事的来源和作者,我至今也未能查出来。

【译文】I first heard this story in India, where it is told as if true—though any naturalist would know it couldn’t be. Later I learned that a magazine version of it appeared shortly before the First World War. This account, and its author, I have never been able to track down.

16. 所以每每在大雪的黄昏里,围着暖炉,围着祖父,听着祖父读着诗篇,看着祖父读着诗篇时微红的嘴唇。

【译文】On snowy evenings, we children often sat around the heating stove by grandpa, listening to him reading poems and watching his busy ruddy lips.

17. 蜜蜂这东西,最爱劳动。广东天气好,花又多,蜜蜂一年四季都不闲着。酿的蜜多,自己吃的可有限。每回割蜜,留下一点点,够它们吃就行了。它们从来不争,也不计较什么,还是继续劳动,继续酿蜜,整日整月不辞辛劳……(杨朔《荔枝蜜》)

【译文】Bees love best of all to work. They work here all year round without a stop as Guangdong province has fine weather and plenty of flowers. Yet, although they produce much honey, they eat very little. Each time the honey is taken away, they are left a little sugar just enough for them to eat. They never make trouble. They go on working and making honey all day long and all year round without complaining...

18. 人口老龄化已经成为一个全球性的现象。这种现象不仅已成定局,还将随着时间的推移愈演愈烈,发展中国家尤其如此。

【译文】Population aging has become a world-wide phenomenon. It has not only come to stay but, especially in the developing countries, it will become more acute with the passage of time.

19. 我从此便整天的站在柜台里,专管我的职务。虽然没有什么失职,但总觉得有些单调,有些无聊。掌柜是一副凶脸孔,主顾也没有好声气,教人活泼不得;只有孔乙己到店,才可以笑几声,所以至今还记得。(《孔乙己》)

【译文】From then on I stood all day behind the counter, fully engaged with my duties. Although I gave satisfaction at this work, I found it monotonous and futile. Our employer was a fierce-looking individual, and the customers were a morose lot, so that it was impossible to be gay. Only when Kong Yiji came to the tavern could I laugh a little, that is why I still remember him.

20. 凭窗站了一会儿,微微地觉得凉意袭人。转过身来,忽然眼花缭乱,屋子里的别的东西,都隐在光云里。

【译文】Standing at the window for a while, I felt a bit chill. As I turned round, my eyes suddenly dazzled and could not see things distinctly. Everything in the room was blurred by a haze of light.

21. 我赤裸裸来到这世界,转眼间也将赤裸裸的回去罢?但不能平的,为什么偏要白白走这一遭啊?

【译文】I have come to this world, stark-naked; am I to go back in a blink in the same nakedness? It is not fair though: why should I have made this trip for nothing!(张培基译)

22. 它对于所有的事情都有明确的主见。就达到目的而言,其见解往往并非愚鲁之见;绝不会征求你的意见。

【译文】He has his own positive opinion on all matters; not an unwise one, usually, for his own ends; and will ask no advice of yours.

23. 五年后,宁波港将建成国际深水枢纽港。据介绍,将宁波港建成国际深水枢纽港是宁波市“新世纪工程”的第一项任务。

【译文】In 5 years, Ningbo port is to be turned into a deep-water harbor thoroughfare for international purposes along China’s coast. Informed people say this engagement has become the top priority of Ningbo’s New Century Project.

24. 他无所事事,不受任何残暴的虫子的摆布。蚯蚓要挖土打洞,蜜蜂要采蜜筑窝,蜘蛛要巧织迷网,蚂蚁要聚财盘宝。

【译文】He has no work to do—tyrannical insects to obey. The earthworm has his digging; the bee her gathering and building; the spider her cunning network; the ant her treasury and accounts.

25. 夺取这个胜利,已经是不要很久的时间和不要花费很大的力气了;巩固这个胜利,则是要很长的时间和要花费很大的力气的事情。

【译文】It will not require much time and efforts to win this victory, but to consolidate it will.

26. 他小的时候,他妈叫他去买红塘,他买了白糖回来。

【译文】One day, when he was a child, his mother sent him out to buy her some brown sugar, but he returned with some white sugar instead.(张培基译)

27. 人是很有趣的,往往在接触一个人时首先看到的是他或她的优点。

【译文】Human beings are interesting in that they tend to first see good in a new acquaintance.

28. 男孩哭得心都快碎了,当问及他时,他说饿极了,有两天没吃了。

【译文】The boy who was crying as if his heart would break, said, when I spoke to him, that he was very hungry because he had had no food for two days.

29. 我想,富人们大概过不惯冷清的郊野的冬天,都集向热闹的城市里去了。

【译文】I guess the wealthy residents, (who are) unaccustomed to the cold and lonesome winter there, must have swarmed into the bustling city.(《中国翻译》)

30. 中华民族洗雪了百年耻辱,振奋了民族精神,感到无比的骄傲和自豪。

【译文】It has wiped out the century-old humiliation of the Chinese nation and activated the national spirit, and we are very proud of it.

31. 于是转喜为怒,转赞美为责备,转首肯为摇头。

【译文】Consequently, your overjoy would give way to anger; your praises would to criticism or even fault-picking; and your nodding in agreement to shaking the head.(《中国翻译》)

32. 冬天,在四周围都是山地的这里,看见太阳的日子真是太少了。今天,难得雾是这么稀薄,空中融融地混合着金黄的阳光,把地上的一切,好像也照上一层欢笑的颜色。

【译文】In winter, sunny days were scarce here, as it was surrounded by hills all around. Today, however, the fog was wonderfully thin and the air was filtered through with golden sunlight that tinted everything on the ground with a joyful hue. (《中国翻译》)






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